About Us

Aquarius Water Group (AWG) is a leading provider of Advanced Water Systems, Solutions and Technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry, the Energy Sector and other Process Industries. As a total enhanced EPC Solution Provider, the Group addresses some of the most critical water and waste water requirements such as produced water, seawater for injection, process water, cooling water, boiler feed water, spent caustic and refinery waste water, using best available technologies, high quality engineering, international expertise and local know how from its operations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK, USA.

The global Group enables all operations to provide customers with a far greater range of unique technology solutions backed by global expertise from the major markets in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Aquarius Water Group operates a strong and dedicated service team to ensure sustainable after sales service support for customers.

Our Team is experienced in Industrial Integrated Systems for the treatment of Process and Waste Water for more than 20 years and has a large number of references in the treatment of Water for the Oil & Gas Industry adn Energy Sector.

Aquarius Water Group is headquartered in Switzerland.

Our Vision

Aquarius Water Group becomes the preferred Integrated Water Solution Provider for the Oil & Gas Industry and the Energy Sector.

Our Mission

Aquarius Water Group responds to the imminent needs for the provision of reliable, efficient and economic solutions and services around Clean Water by combining innovative process engineering and technologies with first class project management built on long experiences.

Innovation and Permanent Improvement

Due to global competition permanent innovation and development of technologies, products and services have become a key factor of success. Innovation does not only mean improvement in technology but also the early recognition of upcoming customer needs and its rapid translation into new products and service offerings. Therefore innovation is an integral part of corporate culture of Aquarius Water Group.

Current Innovation Projects include:

- New De-Oiling Hydrocyclones

- Improved Walnutshell Filters

- Combination of Solar Power Generation with Desalination

- Forward Osmosis application for Brine Recovery

Current Innovation Projects